Yay! Site Launch!

Hey Gang!

Here’s to our site up and running. It’s all animated, ready to go, for mobile and desktop. (If you’re viewing on mobile, give it a look on desktop sometime, it’s a bit different.) Ads are nearly ready, and all we gotta do at this point is finish final artwork for Season 1!

What’s Next?

Our first episode launch is still undetermined, but we’re looking at March 4th, 2022. You can get a short sneak peak of it now. It’s not much, but the team still feels like it’s a good introduction to our story.

We’re working hard on Nonesuch, but Beck Rabytt is also in the works here. So stay tuned. You can also keep up to date on the progress in more detail on our Patreon Page. For now, we’re still all figuring out how to do this, honestly. We’re all learning how to make a comic with… more than one person working on it. This is a big first step, on top of the other new thing of having our own site for a web comic. It’s stressful, but boy, is it exciting.

Be sure to send this site to friends, we’re all about getting this story out and gathering a group of people to get excited about these characters and our adventures we’re gonna have with ’em.



Megan Redmon
The Bitsy Artist